Dreamland Books, Inc.  - "You are never too old...to dream a new dream!"  ~ C. S. Lewis
January 2012 ~ Illustrator Michelle Eggan featured in Soutwest Metro Magazine
June 2011 ~ Author Cathy Isles "Seven Tips For Reading to Kids" as seen in Savvy.MN.
November 2009 ~ Author Melessa Henderson interview in the New Ulm Journal. http://www.nujournal.com/page/content.detail/id/510564/Author-publisher-rolled-into-one.html
Below is the wonderful classroom art activity that accompanies the reading of the new book Faces...Who Are We?To the right above is illustrator Michelle Eggan reading to the children. This is an excellent book for readings because the whimsical, delightful images are simple, clear, and large so that children in the back of the group can still see the illustrations well. Plus, the text is extra large so that librarians or teachers can easily read it from the side or above.
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