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Editing ($30/hour)
              Perfect assistance for:    college papers
                                                            editing a nearly complete resume/cv
                                                            trade publications
                                                            corporate newsletters
                                                            holiday letters
If you've ever wondered what to give as a gift to that picky college student who needs nothing but a hoodie or that triple-A corporate VIP who has everything...give him or her the gift of time with an hour of pre-paid editing and see how they smile!
Resume Writing ($150)
This service is more than just editing, but is actually writing the resume after a personal discussion with the client.  
CV Writing ($250)
Tailored Cover Letter ($100)
Professional Image Consulting ($30/hour)
Professional Image Personal Shopper ($30/hour)
Never again let a shoddy first impression make or break getting that job. What you wear tells the world how to treat you. Invest in yourself and hire the best to advise, tweak, and even shop for that perfect interview attire.
Writing Coach ($30/hour over the phone  &  $50/hour over coffee)
Whether you need direction, encouragement, or just firm motivation, the writing coaches at Dreamland will do whatever it takes to take you to the next level in your career as a writer.
Submissions to Publishers ($30/hour + postal fees)
Writing is one thing, submitting your work to publishers is a pain! Get rid of that tedious, pesky task and invest your time doing what you do best: WRITE!
Notary Service (TNA)
Our team of professionals will provide you with excellent service. In addition to mere editing experience, we have decades of experience in diverse corporate and professional settings.Collectively, our team has nearly thirty years of professional sales experience, over two decades of public speaking experience, nearly two decades of banking experience and retail sales experience. Our team includes a licensed attorney, teacher, real estate agent, not to mention a college adjunct professor, WAHM, and published authors. 
Whatever your industry or need, we likely have an excellent knowledge base to draw upon.
For all services we require a 50% payment up front and 50% upon completion of the given project. We accept paypal, check, and money order.
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1 Hour of Editing
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Price: $30.00