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A Granny's Heart
"So whimsical, poetic and warm. I absolutely adore this story, it puts a smile on my face just thinking of all of those adoring grandmothers in our lives."
Jana Niemela-Schweiss
Graphic Designer
JES Graphics
Faces...Who Are We?
"A wonderful book that will delight the soul as it remind us that we are 'ALL beautiful, wonderful HUMAN BEINGS' made in His image...all children both young and old will smile as they enjoy this book."
Romaine Jesky-Smith, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
Geneva College
12 Months of Baby Animals
"Beautifully drawn illustrations, vibrant colors, and an invitation to search for and count baby animals make "12 Months of Baby Animals" very appealing to a young child. Sure to be many children's favorite counting book."
Cathy Isles
Children's book author
Bridging the Universe
Night...A counting backwards book!
"A delightful bedtime story to read with your young children or grandchildren."
Theresa Keener
Selah Media Group 
proud grandmother to five grandchildren
"Melessa Henderson's children's book titled 'Night' is enchanting. It fills the heart with wonder."
Glenda Fulton Davis
Children's Author & Poet
Pathlight Press

"This evening I sat down with my daughters and read 'Night: a Counting Backwards Book;' as I read the poetic lines and flipped from twelve to one, they giggled and touched their fingers across the critters to count their way through the pages of this delightful book.  I’m sure we’ll have many nights begin with 'Night.'"
Gary Dop
Associate Professor, English 
"Completely different than any other counting book I have seen. Using nocturnal activities to teach counting is so creative. Children not only learn to count but will also think about what goes on at night in their own backyard! The narrative in this book is quite wonderfully written."
Cathy Isles
Children's book author
Bridging the Universe
"I was so excited to add 'Night' to our little library. It's perfect for Amber as she knows her numbers but is learning to recognize numbers above 10 now and she loves counting things and telling me how many there are. Each time we turn a page and I start to read she tells me, 'No, I can count!' and then she does. I love the use of fonts too...how the words 'hoppity-hop' look like their hopping and 'tall' is truly tall! It's a wonderful sweet story that's a perfect bedtime book.  As an adult I loved all the quotes in the back of the book as well! That was a very unique and cool thing for a children's book. I'd highly recommend this book for anyone!"
Nicole, WAHM & Blogger